50 Cent Tries to Kiss Erin Andrews on the Mouth at Daytona and is Denied


50 Cent Erin Andrews

50 Cent might have been a little liquored up or maybe just disappointed he isn’t going to get a dime of Floyd Mayweather’s $250 Million contract with Showtime/CBS, but he was trying to get it in with Fox Sports Erin Andrews.

Would this be considered sexual harassment? I am not sure what you would call it, but Andrews looked very uncomfortable while trying to get away from 50 Cent.

Slow motion version below.

50 Cent Tries to Kiss Erin Andrews on the Mouth

This reminds you of the Suzy Kolber Joe Namath situation, but it might have been actually worse, since 50 Cent did managed to get his kiss in.


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    • Erin is a class act. Mr. Fifty Cent was just a boozing rapper who was on a free ticket and pit pass compliments of NASCAR trying to placate the 13%. Why not invite, Powell, Rice, Crosby, Robin or a host of thousands of his ethenticity. A rapper ?? Give me a break. Non Contributors all of them.

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