A-Rod’s Cousin Selling ’09 Yankees World Series Ring Given To Him As Gift


Yuri Sucart is the man responsible for Alex Rodriguez being introduced to steroids.

Sucart and A-Rod must not be on the best of terms, because the New York Daily News is reporting that Sucart will be auctioning off a 2009 New York Yankees World Championship ring given to him as a gift on Monday.

The sparkling diamond encrusted ring is a replica of the one Rodriguez got for being a member of the 2009 Yankees championship team, and has a listed opening bid of $5,000 on the website of Goldinauctions.com.

Sucart’s name of course is well-known to Yankees fans.  He is the famous cousin A-Rod claimed helped him obtain steroids when he was with the Texas Rangers.

Rodriguez was warned by Major League Baseball and the Yankees to stay away from him after the revelations of A-Rod’s steroid use, and his subsequent admission, before the 2009 season.