Adidas Will Unveil T-Shirt Jerseys For March Madness

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March Madness at its heart is a celebration of collegiate sports. So what better way to celebrate the youth and personal expression of the tournament than for Adidas to unveil their contemporary change to the standard NCAAB jersey.

As reported by USA Today Adidas will unveil the new short sleeve jerseys which will make their debut during March Madness. The jerseys bare a resemblance to the ones made popular by the Golden State Warriors last month. The schools who will don the new jerseys has not yet been made known.

Adidas VP/Global Basketball Lawrence Norman stated the following

“We are still working on teams, but it will be a very innovative story,”

One of the teams which is expected to wear the new jerseys is Louisville as confirmed by athletic director Kenny Klein.

The ‘t-shirt style’ under jerseys has always been popular in college Basketball so I see this as a trend that will be here to stay. Good job of Adidas to cash in early.