AFC OC Says Tony Romo Would Be Highest Paid Player In Football If He Were Free Agent

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

It’s amazing how fans in Dallas and pundits alike go out of their ways to disrespect and ridicule Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Search around the league though, and Tony Romo is highly thought of.  How respected is Romo? Well per ESPN’s Dallas Cowboys report, Tony Romo would probably command the highest paid contract in football if he were a free agent on the open market according to one AFC offensive coordinator.

I wonder if people realize how wellTony Romo is thought of in the NFL. Yes, he will put the ball up for grabs too much for the liking of some, but one AFC offensive coordinator said he could see Romo as the highest-paid player in football if he were on the open market. Whenever Romo signs his extension — be it before or after free agency begins — I wonder if the Cowboys will make it a six-year deal. In other words, it would be a five-year extension through 2018. Part of the reason for the longer deal would be to help with the salary cap in the early years of the deal. When the Joe Flaccodeal comes in, I would expect the Cowboys and Romo’s agents to get together in real negotiations. During the season, I said it would be a five-year extension for $85 million. Now I would put that figure around $90 million, or $18 million per season. Please remember, though, that a lot of this stuff is funny money.

I’ve tried to tell people about Romo for a long time now.  If you put Romo in a position to succeed with the same running games, or defenses that other less talented quarterbacks have, he might have a ring by now.

Romo is going to get a new deal and the coming weeks, and best believe he will hop into the top 5 paid players in football.

Again, what do I know?