AJ McCarron Calls Out Darnell Dockett On Twitter For Flirting With Katherine Webb



Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron has had about enough of Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett.  Dockett has continued to flirt and send out tweets to Katherine Webb, and last night McCarron reached his brink.

According to Larry Brown Sports, Webb who is in New Orleans with McCarron while she covers the Super Bowl, received another tweet from Dockett suggesting they meet for lunch.


At that point, McCarron who must have felt his manhood being tested in front of Webb and the nation responded accordingly. 





I don’t expect McCarron and Dockett to come to blows, but if it was the other way, Dockett definitely wouldn’t stand for such disrespect.  


  1. LMBAO! AJ came correct.Although,his ol lady should tell dockett that she has no intrest in him.So AJ doesnt have to do things like this.Dockett is already in the NFL he already seems unprofessinal.AJ should not squat to his level.

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