Alabama Guard Chance Warmack Measures Smaller than Anticipated at Combine

Warmack Measures

There were a few surprises during Friday’s NFL combine weigh-ins. The biggest surprise was the stature of Alabama offensive guard Chance Warmack. Warmack seemed to be the largest man on the field in every game that he played this season for the Tide but today he measured in at only 6’2″ tall and weighed only 317 lbs.

It may be his aggressive style of play that made him seem so much more physically imposing or his trade mark half jersey that lent to his girth but today’s measurable’s are average at best.

With that being said, Warmack is the most talented lineman in this year’s draft and this shouldn’t hurt his draft stock. In the previous 5 NFL drafts only only one 1st round lineman measured 6’3″ or shorter, Philadelphia’s Danny Watkins. Warmack at any height or weight was the best college lineman in the country and that should be enough for any NFL GM.