Alabama Signee Reuben Foster Caught Sleeping Standing Up in Class (Photos)

By now the entire world should know about Reuben Foster. 4 Star Linebacker recruit who got a huge Auburn logo tattooed on his arm only to decide later to go to Alabama.

Also, his father was recently arrested as years on the run for shooting his mother and him as a baby, so he is an interesting character.

Reuben is suffering through the last days of High School like most 4 star recruits. He must have had a wild night last evening because a fellow student caught him sleeping in class.

Reuben Foster Sleep 2

The fellow student probably had no idea it was going to end up all over the internet, but when you are sleeping standing up on a desk, that is what will happen. I am sure Reuben is going to be entrenched in his studies at Bama.

Reuben Foster Sleep

By the way the Memes are coming fast and furious from a LSU Message Board.