Allen Iverson Accused Of Owing Divorce Lawyer $60k


The bad news continues to mount up for the Answer, Allen Iverson.  After having his Atlanta mansion foreclosed on a few days ago, his divorce attorney says Iverson still owes him $60,000 in fees.

TMZ is reporting that Jonathan Levine filed a lien against Iverson in a Georgia, claiming A.I. owes him $61,098.86 in legal bill from his divorce which was completed in January.

He claims Iverson has yet to pay it off.


Levine says the debt is from hours he clocked back in 2012 — before he quit the case. He withdrew himself from Iverson’s divorce at the end of last year, claiming he couldn’t properly communicate with Iverson. A.I then hired a new attorney to replace him, who handled the recent settlement.

According to docs … if Iverson doesn’t cough up the cash, Levine could go after his assets.

I’m not sure if this is true or not, but things seem to be getting worse for Iverson each day, at a hectic rate.