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Allen Iverson Turned a Bedroom Into Closet For Shoes; Video of His Foreclosed Mansion

by Robert Littal | Posted on Friday, February 8th, 2013
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Allen Iverson broke

The bank has finally gotten a hold of AI’s mansion and went straight to the media to let you know what you can get these days for $2.6 million.

It is a nice house and you get the bedroom that has been converted into a dressing room for sneakers and tees. You can’t beat that can you?  While the judge in Iverson’s divorce case is calling him a drunk and bad parent it looks like A.I. has bigger problems on his hands.

Here is the video and information on how you can put your bid in.

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  1. reachoutandtouchsomebody'shand says:

    It’s enough that the bank had to take their house (because of his family situation); but for the bank to be so cruel and heartless to go to the media, that is heartless and human-less. I am so disappointed with today’s society. I pray that the bank staff who turned this over to the media has a strong family or has repented by now. God is an exact judge. Don’t kick a man when he is already down. That is ridiculous. Mr/Ms. Banker: fall to your knees and repent and send an apology or nice gift to Mr. Iverson. People, let’ not forget that we are humans not wild, cruel animals. Let’s pray for our society.

    • iknowgod2 says:

      reachoutandtouchsomebodyshand you took the words right out my mouth. We need to stay on our knees because we need it!

      • DanB says:

        That’s no a banker, that’s a real estate agent who is marketing a product. He just received free advertising. He was thrilled at the bedroom turned dressing room, and made no defamatory statements. Get over it.

        • The Voice of Reason says:

          Why don’t you get over it asshole. I don’t care if he got “free advertising” for his bs job, it wasn’t right. What the hell happened to decency? AI doesn’t deserve this — no one does. Just because someone is making a buck off of someone’s misery or hardship, that doesn’t excuse it or make it right.

          • Sharon says:

            I totally agree with the commenters who are calling for compassion. I am quite thankful that my mistakes aren’t posted all over the Internet. It seems as if people like to see other people fall from grace. I am praying for AI. He needs love and understanding right now.

          • Rainy says:

            Decency! If you stop using such ungodly words, your mouth would sure forth more decency. Do yourself a favor and try to use more decent words when you comment. Have a nice week.

          • Filthadelphian says:

            I think Iverson is getting exactly what he deserves.

          • chris says:

            The price of a house that’s on the real estate market is PUBLIC INFO, jackass…”A.I. Doesn’t deserve this!”! Who the hell are you? Do you know this dude? Do you know about his relationships with his kids/wife? Get off your high horse and realize that the same media and entertainment industry you were just harping on, are the same good folks that wrote the article YOU are reading!

    • Author G D Grace says:

      Reading through the comments, I am so glad to read how many compassionate people there still are in this world where, it seems, the exploitation of someone’s decline has become common. My heart goes out to Allan, and my prayers go out to his family.

      • Rainy says:

        Good, and while you’re at it pray for the rest of the world, including the peoople who reported this. We ALL need prayer.

    • Rainy says:

      Can’t understand why people get so touchy. The guy was just reporting the news. It’s his job. The real estate person is trying to sell a home. It’s his job. Get over it. No body’s picking on Allen Iverson. Why make everthing into a “looking at them picking on someone black” issue.

      • chris says:

        Thank you Rainy! My God! If being “compassionate” means patronizing someone who has screwed up and trying to make them feel as though it’s ok to be a degenerate…THAT is what’s wrong with this world, it’s become ok to be a piece of garbage, nothing is sacred anymore

    • Terry Williams says:



      I love what you wrote!!! Thank you, Reachoutandtouchsomebody’shand. You’re a class act! : )

  2. marie says:

    Keep your head up’ll get another one.

  3. rockyfortune says:

    they did the same with the white dude up in seattle i think..if they weren’t ballplayers no one would care…i’m not sure why some people get such a kick out of watching people self destruct.

  4. eric says:

    nothing like pouring salt on a wound. Have some class, people

  5. Filthadelphian says:

    Iverson is getting exactly what he deserves. He was a tremendous basketball talent, but set an example as a gangster. Something for children to really look up to an emulate. Now they can see the result of his own foolishness.

  6. rob says:

    i’m a drunk and a bad parent too! Hit me up A.I

  7. mad dog says:

    Funny how everyone here seems to pick out the media as the bad guy, should they have gone public probably not, but I do not think I have read a post here about AI being a bad parent and a drunk, how about we pray for him, not the media jerks

  8. John Martin says:

    I feel bad for anyone who goes through hard times. Iverson is no angel but thats no reason to dump on him especially when he’s down. Having said that, the real estate agent did NOTHING wrong. He is doing his job to market a property to get the highest selling price. Yeah it airs out Iverson’s life to some degree but it wasnt in bad taste. Iverson’s closet wasnt in bad taste either. It was a big closet, big deal!!!

  9. dan says:

    mo money….mo problems

  10. Labrat says:

    Real Estate agents, Lawyers, Denstists, Judges, media jerks they’re all the same. Let’s see what happens when the shoe is on the other foot. I’d like to see that for once. Oh wait I have. They off themselves and jump off ledges when they’re stocks portfolios turn to poop. Not even man enough to go through hardship. At least AI is.

    • hiya says:

      Yeah the difference is people in the stock market didnt have much control over there loss. Why are you all defending a guy that had everything in the world going for him..but decided to play gangster, by literally hundreds of pairs of shoes, and throw it all away. He made his own choices. Pray all you want but stop making excuses for people like this, its whats destroying us black people.

  11. corey says:

    i met iverson once in a dave and busters and he was the biggest jackass i ever met. i didn’t want a damn autograph or anything. just wanted to tell him i enjoy watching him play and i got threatened by his posse. WTH, id say karma at its finest

  12. nunya says:

    suck my

  13. Me says:

    Sad,some stoop so low just to be notice. I guess your looking for praise for this mess you took to the media. Never kick a man when he is down. Karma is a ………..

  14. Delijdewolfe says:

    The people stating this is shameful are going waaaay overboard. This is no different then any other real estate venture. Does the video say anything bad about Iverson? No. Does it say anything disrespectful to him or his family? No. Does it mention his money issues? No. It’s a high end property that’s being advertised and sold- just like any other high end property. Houses with high price tags are ALWAYS advertised like this. Exactly what are you shocked at? The only thing I could think of that would make you have such a strong opinion is how the article was written. The part that states “bank has finally gotten a hold of AI’s mansion AND WENT STRAIGHT TO THE MEDIA,” as if that’s completely unheard of or shocking when, in fact, that’s how it’s done and is completely normal.

  15. John says:

    Allen made over 100 million and now has nothing…the judge is right he is a drunk and a terrible parent. Life of a gangster, too all the youngsters/upstarts gangster life doesnt pay. We need a new address for that government entitlement Allen. Can a person be a pink and a fool?

  16. John says:

    Punk not pink

  17. Phyllis says:

    PATHETIC!!! SHAMEFUL!!! TASTELESS!!! Just to name a few….

  18. bobo says:

    Who cares? What an idiot!

  19. Jimmie says:

    Hes an up and coming rapper?!?! LMAOO, what an influence to the community!

  20. gpop says:


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