Allen Iverson Turned a Bedroom Into Closet For Shoes; Video of His Foreclosed Mansion

Allen Iverson broke

The bank has finally gotten a hold of AI’s mansion and went straight to the media to let you know what you can get these days for $2.6 million.

It is a nice house and you get the bedroom that has been converted into a dressing room for sneakers and tees. You can’t beat that can you?  While the judge in Iverson’s divorce case is calling him a drunk and bad parent it looks like A.I. has bigger problems on his hands.

Here is the video and information on how you can put your bid in.

34 thoughts on “Allen Iverson Turned a Bedroom Into Closet For Shoes; Video of His Foreclosed Mansion

  • i met iverson once in a dave and busters and he was the biggest jackass i ever met. i didn’t want a damn autograph or anything. just wanted to tell him i enjoy watching him play and i got threatened by his posse. WTH, id say karma at its finest

  • suck my

  • Sad,some stoop so low just to be notice. I guess your looking for praise for this mess you took to the media. Never kick a man when he is down. Karma is a ………..

  • The people stating this is shameful are going waaaay overboard. This is no different then any other real estate venture. Does the video say anything bad about Iverson? No. Does it say anything disrespectful to him or his family? No. Does it mention his money issues? No. It’s a high end property that’s being advertised and sold- just like any other high end property. Houses with high price tags are ALWAYS advertised like this. Exactly what are you shocked at? The only thing I could think of that would make you have such a strong opinion is how the article was written. The part that states “bank has finally gotten a hold of AI’s mansion AND WENT STRAIGHT TO THE MEDIA,” as if that’s completely unheard of or shocking when, in fact, that’s how it’s done and is completely normal.

  • Allen made over 100 million and now has nothing…the judge is right he is a drunk and a terrible parent. Life of a gangster, too all the youngsters/upstarts gangster life doesnt pay. We need a new address for that government entitlement Allen. Can a person be a pink and a fool?

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