Arian Foster: I’ve Seen And Been Around Guys Who Juice


Even though the Super Bowl is over and the off-season is set to start, we all know there is no off-season in pro football. Texans running back Arian Foster is much respected for his character and his honesty.

According to Nick Mathews of the Houston Chronicle, Foster was super honest recently on ESPN’s Colin Cowherd show, and it will be interesting to see the drama that comes from it.

While speaking on the Herd, Foster reportedly said he has been around players who have used steroids, but stated he is a big believer in doing things the natural way.


Foster went on to add a few more comments.

“I’ve seen and been around guys who juice,” Foster said in a recent radio interview with ESPN’s Colin Cowherd.

“I’ve seen all kinds of things,” Foster said. “If you can’t get motivated, you can’t get motivated.”

“I have always been a firm believer of anything that I need can come from the ground,” Foster told Cowherd. “It can come from earth.

“Anything else, I never felt the need. In college, a lot of people took creatine. That was a big thing in college. I never took creatine. I never took muscle shakes or none of that.

“I’ve always been a firm believer of hard work and doing things the way I have always done it.”

Shots fired.  Have to wonder if he was talking about college, his time with the Texans, Brian Cushing or anyone in particular.

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