Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson Sees Himself As First Round Pick


Tyler Wilson was the talk of college football as a gunslinging Sophomore, and there was talk of being a first round pick in 2012 as a Junior.

That was before Bobby Petrino was fired, and the Razorbacks folded under John L. Smith in 2013.  Since then there hasn’t been much talk of Wilson and first round pick, but that could change after this weeks NFL Combine.

Wilson talked with USA Today yesterday, and feels confident about his skills, and sees himself as a first round pick.

“I feel that way,” Wilson said. “I know where I stack up and a number of things I can bring an NFL team. I think I’m worthy.’

“I’m spinning the heck out of the football,” Wilson said. “My natural ability to throw the ball has always been my signature. But it’s also my ability to move around a little bit and buy myself some time to make throws other guys wouldn’t make because I’m tough and will hang in there a little longer, and I can make throws while I’m being pressured.”

If Wilson can show scouts that he can still throw the heck out of the ball, and run NFL systems, I can’t see why he wouldn’t be a possible first rounder.