Auburn Tree Poisoner Harvey Updyke Bond Revoked After Fight at Lowes

Harvey Updyke

You remember the Alabama Fan who poisoned all the sacred Toomer’s Corner oak trees, because he was salty Cameron Newton and Auburn were on their way to a National Championship?

That case is still ongoing and Updyke had been free on bond until this happened.

Assistant District Attorney Kisha Abercrombie urged the judge to revoke Updyke’s bond because of his arrest over an altercation with a Lowes employee in Louisiana. A court there issued an arrest warrant for Updyke in November — while he was in Alabama state custody undergoing mental evaluations, Abercrombie said.

I can totally see Updyke getting into a fight at Lowes, I would have been disappointed if it was anywhere else besides Lowes or Home Depot.

Until this is all cleared up he will stay behind bars until his trial.