Basketball Wives Draya Michele Accused of Being a Call Girl (Photos)


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There is a fine line between being a hooker and simping dudes giving ladies money for sex.  Is it your job or just a hustle?  Either way, there are a lot of women in this world who morals go out the window if $1000, $5000 or Hardenones are presented to them.

Should it matter to the general public?  Probably not, but in the new world of social media if you are a “reality star” or married to a high profile NBA player these type of things tend to leak out from time to time.

Draya Michele Underwear

I believe Draya has done a decent job of turning her “reality fame” into some real life “celebrity fame”, because who else from the Basketball Wives: LA do you know besides her and Jackie Christie?

She has a past like many video vixens and Twodels, so stories like this from aren’t that surprising.

We were told by multiple sources that this vixen had sex with Wiz Khalifa for $3500 in the bed of one of her old flames.   we got wind that she is using her manager as a pimp to make cash. How you ask ? Multiple sources from the production of BBW allege that she has her manager set it up and then she goes to Vegas and gets the Dollars!

At first we didn’t believe it but after proof we had to put it out.

Is it true?  Maybe, maybe not.  It is just part of the business though, so Draya should just roll with it.  Since you took the time to read all this, here are a couple of NSFW photos of her.



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  • There’s some hoes in this house, if you see ’em point ’em out.

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