Basketball Wives Draya Michele Under Fire For Not Using Darkskin Models For Clothing Line


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The fact that Draya even has a clothing line and models for hire is an accomplishment, if you think about it.  A lot of  the women on Basketball Wives and shows like that, don’t really profit from their 15 minutes of fame.

Draya is doing the best she can, while she is still in the spotlight.  This is a Catch-22 situation, when you own a business it is your right to hire whoever you like, unless you are blatantly discriminating against someone.

To be frank this isn’t General Motors, Draya is selling slutty tees.

Draya Michelle Models

Draya Michelle Models 2

Yes, most of her models are lighskin or dominican, but should she be forced to hire black girls, she doesn’t think so. She went to Twitter to try to put people in their place. Screenshot courtesy of Bossip.

Draya Models 2

She doesn’t deny it, but goes with the if you are going to bother me, go bother some other companies excuse. I think there are more important things in the world to worry about than a Basketball Wife Reality Star who isn’t married to a Basketball Player hiring practices.

For the men who just came into this post for photos, here are two NSFW pictures of Draya.



4 thoughts on “Basketball Wives Draya Michele Under Fire For Not Using Darkskin Models For Clothing Line

  • She has a point…..

  • she’s a pig. gotta stop giving her shine.

  • Might help if more black men (especially famous one’s) dated/married black women.

  • Bottom line is to stop ALL support. Anyone dispite status feel the problem in their pockets. If ratings from the show drop, no support to her line happens only then will anyone want to address the issues. Complaining and coments are only good for 1 thing…. Promotion… that’s it! So for everyone that’s pissed show it and put yor ratings into action… let your remote have the power. The same way people get put on by the viwers they can loose that position. These reality idols we all help createwe can also stop our support… think about it….

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