Big East Considers Name Change As Part Of TV Deal

Big East Considers Name Change As Part Of TV Deal

Not only will the Big East get a new look, it may get a new name as well.

The Big East was in negotiations with NBC Sports Network for a television contract worth around $20 million dollars per year before the offer was matched by ESPN. Changing the name of the conference was brought up as a part of the negotiations.

If the name is changed, it can then be sold to the 7 catholic schools (DePaul, St. John’s, Georgetown, Marquette, Providence, and Villanova) that plan to break away from the Big East and form their own league.

As all of these conference shifts occur, the Big East will have more of a Conference USA feel as the “Catholic 7” move out and teams such as Tulane, Memphis and SMU move in.

No hints on what the new name could be, and although I’m not a huge fan of the conference jumping and changes I can understand the New “Big East” wanting to rebrand itself.  I just hope the “Catholic 7” decide to purchase it, at least then the transition won’t be as drastic for those of us who have an appreciation for the Big East Conference of old.