BSO Staff Picks Winner of Super Bowl 47, Ravens vs. 49ers

bso ray lewis crying before game

Robert Littal: 49ers 28 Ravens 24

I keep things simple. 49ers are younger, faster and more talented across the board. They have a better defense and normally the team will the better defense in the Super Bowl wins the game.

Kap has shown he has ice water in the veins. The Ravens won’t “lose” the game, but the 49ers will impose their will and win the game.

Glenn Erby: Ravens 27 49ers 24

Lat Field Goal wins and Akers misses one late.  Torrey Smith is difference maker.

Phillip: Ravens 26 49ers 23

Joe Flacco and that explosive offense stay hot. 49ers unable to pressure Flacco. Colin Kaepernick finally makes young quarterback mistakes.

Kel: 49ers 27 Ravens 21

Niners defense is too much for Ray Rice and the Ravens run offense. The Ravens will be forced to become one dimensional, which means the pressure will mount on Joe Flacco. The Niners will score enough points to hold on in the end.

Vashti: Ravens 21 49ers 20

With what appears to be two well matched teams, this could be one of the best Super Bowls in recent years. Although I think the 49ers have a great team, they don’t have the big game experience and veteran leadership that the Ravens do. That is invaluable, and because of that my Super Bowl pick this year is the Baltimore Ravens.

Ashley: 49ers 37 Ravens 31

Look for the niners to win the battle of the offensive lines, as they will establish enough of a pass rush to befuddle and confuse Flacco in the thick of things.

Also the ravens will have no true answer for containing Kaepernick and he will prove a true duel threat both on the ground and in the air.

Al: Ravens 24 49ers 20

I think the teams are evenly matched, so the game will be won by the team that protects the football. Baltimore’s secondary will be able to get a key turnover out of Kaepernick.

James: Ravens 20 49ers 17

Talent wins out most times, buy the talent level is almost even between the 49ers and Ravens. The Ravens are riding an emotional high that no opponent has been able to match yet. No reason to believe that will change Sunday. Ravens win as we watch reverend Ray dance off into the sunset.

Tasha: Ravens 21 49ers 17

I believe this will be a close game, but I foresee a pick 6 or a costly fumble from the 49ers, resulting in a win for the Ravens.

Patrick: 49ers 31 Ravens 21

As much as I would like to see Ed Reed win a championship, I think youth and speed will win out over experience. It will be relatively close, but a late touchdown run by Kaepernick will seal it and cover the spread, making a lot of gamblers upset.

Also, a lot of people already think Reed was part of the first Ravens championship, so he almost gets credit for one already.