Cam Newton Led Cheers In Student Section At Auburn Basketball Game (Video)


Cameron Newton has returned to Auburn this semester and is taking classes as he continues on his path of earning a degree. Newton is taking in the full collegiate experience, and that includes going to games.

Auburn and Alabama renewed their basketball rivalry Wednesday, and even though it’s not as intense as the Iron Bowl in football, but it’s still Alabama they were facing.

Per Larry Brown Sports, Newton was in attendance last night, and made his presence felt, by leading some cheers in the student section.

No he is not a regular student.  Tigers coach Tony Barbee joked about Newton being in the building.

“I wish I knew he was here. I would have put him in the game,” “He’s still got some eligibility left. I didn’t know he was here. I didn’t see him.”

Salute to Cam for having some school spirit.   Auburn beat Bama 49-37, so he still has the juice.

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