Canelo Alvarez Upset Floyd Mayweather Won’t Guarantee Him a Fall Fight



Canelo Alvarez still hasn’t signed his contract to co-headline on May 4th with Floyd Mayweather. The reason isn’t that Canelo has a problem fighting Austin Trout, but he wants Floyd Mayweather to guarantee if they both win that he will fight him in the fall.  That is something Mayweather isn’t ready to do.

I see both sides to this, but if you are Canelo you have to think about it from a wider perspective. If he is on the Mayweather card, that means he is also going to be getting that love from CBS. Granted, he will be making Mayweather more money without a guarantee  but there is a big difference being on a card on a Mayweather card with the full CBS/Showtime promotional push going on during NCAA March Madness and headling a random date in June on Showtime

Even if, Canelo did a PPV  it wouldn’t come close to doing Mayweather type numbers. Plus, if Canelo is impressive, the public will pressure Mayweather to fight him sooner rather than later.

From a business perspective, it would be best to just fight on the May 4th card, but we shall see what happens.