Carmelo Anthony Slaps Spencer Hawes (VIDEO)

hawes chandler brawl

There appeared to be a few feathers ruffled yesterday, during the New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers game. Carmelo Anthony got into a verbal spat with Spencer Hawes, but not without the assist of his center Tyson Chandler.

In the video seen below, it appears Hawes takes a blow to the head from Melo, while trying to fight for position under the basket. Hawes didn’t take the blow lightly, and retaliated by turning around and getting in Melo’s face.  Leave it to the biggest guy on the court, Chandler to push Hawes away from his precious forward. The two players go back and forth, but to no prevail after being separated by teammates and the referees.

The miniature altercation resulted in double technical fouls being called against Hawes and Chandler, and a flagrant  foul against Carmelo.  Knicks Coach Mike Woodson would like to see his star player learn a little self-control during the duration of the game.

“He’s just got to control his emotions,” Woodson said. “Melo is a physical player and he likes contact which is great. He doesn’t back away from contact. We had the altercation and we were able to pull away from it. No punches were thrown. They assessed the technical and the flagrant the way they saw it and we moved on.”  

Something should be said about how Melo picks and chooses when to slap certain players on the court, but I will leave that for another day. The Knicks went on to win the game 99-93, so maybe the skirmish propelled them to a victory.