Cam’ron Says Chris Bosh’s Wife Adrienne Slept With Dipset Bodyguard

Adrienne Williams 2

Everyone is coming out with a story about Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne. First Lil Wayne, then Mayweather and now Cam’ron had this to say on Instagram.

Adrienne Bosh

British the Titan ran security for Dipset (Cam’ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana’s rap group). That is a pretty old photo, but it is obvious that people hold on to these type of things for life.

Who else is will come out of the shadows, only time will tell. The best thing for Chris Bosh is just to ignore it and hope it goes away. He didn’t married that version of Adrienne, if he is happy with the current version that is all that matters.

4 thoughts on “Cam’ron Says Chris Bosh’s Wife Adrienne Slept With Dipset Bodyguard

  • Damn….Mrs Bosh was dropping her drawers all over the place…lol

  • This is what Chris and his wife get for treating his baby mama like a piece of trash when in fact he married the trash. LOLOLOL

  • Who cares? Most of the very ones that are speaking up have past issues that have them kicking up dust! Go somewhere and sit the f*ck down please!

  • Lol just terrible. Wouldn’t be me tho…watch some silly chap or lass come on here and start talking about “so what it doesn’t matter everyone has past issues” lol. Sucka.

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