Clueless MMA Ring Girl Signals Round 2 While Fighter Is Unconscious After KO (VIDEO)

ring card girl

Some jobs are simple and don’t require any academic testing or common sense. That could be said for this ring girl who obviously was missing a few screws during a MMA Event. In addition to possessing a cute face, amazing body, ability to walk sexy, and smile you also need to have just a little bit of common sense when being a card girl at fighting events. The MMA isn’t asking you to be a genius, just have simple common sense. It can only make you look better. Trust me.

You can clearly see the fighter is laid out on the grown knocked unconscious, however this card girl walks around the cage signaling round 2 to begin.  Only one problem, the fight is over darling. Another sign that you can’t just have one but you have to have brains and beauty to be considered a lethal combination.