Coach At Combine Asked Notre Dame TE Tyler Eifert If He Has Girlfriend, Is She Real


The Manti Te’o catfish saga is not only effecting him, but those around him as well.  Te’o handled himself pretty well during his combine media session, and most reports indicate that he’s answering all the questions NFL brass want answered.

As I said earlier, his saga is effecting those that were around him, and the example is Notre Dame All American tight end Tyler Eifert.

Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports is reporting that the head coach of one NFC team started his organizations 15 minute interview with Eifert off with as direct a question as you can ask.  He asked about Eifert’s girlfriend, and if she was real.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Yes,” Eifert responded.

“Is she real?” the coach shot back.

Eifert – and everyone else – burst into laughter.

Only at the NFL Combine.