College Basketball Team Pepper Sprayed By Police After Losing To Rivals

Navarro Basketball Team Pepper Sprayed

A hard fought game between the Kilgore and Navarro College basketball teams ended with the players congratulating each other in typical sportsmanlike fashion, but ultimately took an ugly turn when players were pepper sprayed by campus police.

After going through the traditional after game handshake the Kilgore College Rangers began to celebrate victory on their home court. According to Kilgore College police, there were some Navarro fans that let it be known that they were unhappy about the loss. As police tried to calm the fans, the Navarro basketball team left their locker room and tried to return to the floor. Campus police said after the players tried to repeatedly return to the court pepper spray was used to stop them.

Navarro College President, Dr. Richard Sanchez, says that the report is inaccurate.

“The players did not come out,” says Sanchez. “The police officer went into the locker room and began spraying these students.”

“It’s very disappointing because measures are extreme measures,” said Sanchez. “They feel bad. My coach is very, very hurt, very upset, and I can’t blame them. I’m sure that the Kilgore President would feel no different if the tide was turned.”

Kilgore College Campus Police are investigating the incident.

There are completely conflicting stories coming out of Texas. In my experience, campus police always seem to be a bit hasty and quick tempered as if they have a chip on their shoulder for not making in through the real police academy. It will be interesting to see what information the internal investigation yields, because the effects of this spraying could go deeper that just a reprimand, it could go where it hurts people the most…their pockets.