Cops Eject Mike Bibby From His Son’s HS Basketball Game

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It’s amazing how quick time passes when you consider the fact Michael Bibby’s in the news for something that happened at his high school aged son’s basketball game.

USA Today has confirmed that Michael Bibby had to be ejected from his son’s basketball game after a confrontation with the refs pregame. Bibby’s son is a freshman at Bibby Sr’s high school Alma Mater Shadow Mountain High in Phoenix, and too plays for the school’s basketball game.

According to reports Bibby got a bit too ‘involved’ during prep in the middle of the game on Friday night. All that was witnessed from video account was Bibby arguing with the refs, not what exactly caused the argument itself.

The crowd gave Bibby a rousing ovation as he was escorted out, but still an odd spectacle for anyone to witness especially Michael Jr.

Bibby has officially reached ‘old man’ status, that frequently follows pro athletes after they ‘retire’ from their sport. Today he’s arguing with refs at his son’s game, tomorrow he’ll most likely be seen walking around in plaid patterned Bermuda shorts playing golf with Michael Jordan. Those Sacramento days are long gone…

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  • Bobby’s son too played for the hi school game? Diz Engish not wud u do Gus izit?

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