Dancer Sues Strip Club After She Loses Thumb During Pole Dancing Contest

James Harden Strip Club

I would think these type of hazards just come with the territory when you are a stripper, but alas in America we can sue for any and everything including pole dancing accidents.

Sarah Berry was competing in the 9th annual Delilah’s Diamond G-String Competition (that sentence made me laugh) in Philadelphia when something went horribly wrong.

Huffington Post has the details.

Sarah Berry used a “half moon aerial apparatus” – but her thumb was amputated while she rehearsed before the July 20, 2011, contest, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in Common Pleas Court.

Berry, 35, of Roxborough, claims that Delilah’s, the competition’s host and creator, failed to ensure that the apparatus was properly designed, built, inspected and tested, and didn’t warn users of its dangers, the lawsuit says. She’s seeking more than $50,000 in damages for “pain and suffering, disfigurement, humiliation and embarrassment.”

They show went on without her, I didn’t find out who won, but I am sure whoever it was, she will be back for the 10th annual Delilah’s Diamond G-String Competition (still laughing).

Berry has given up her stripper heels and is now a photographer.

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