Deion Sanders’ Son Commits to SMU



SMU has been creating quite the headlines for themselves on National Signing Day. It was reported that among their recruits they have a world ranked male model in Myles Crosby, former 10,000 yard high school rusher Texas Longhorn transfer Traylon Shead. And now they can add Deion Sanders Jr. to that list. Listed as a wide receiver, he played both sides of the ball as cornerback on defense in high school.

Primetime is going to be a tough act to follow, he was a one of a kind type player. A lot of time these high profile son’s of former greats crumble under the pressure of trying to live up to their father’s legacies. But there are cases where the son makes a name for themselves. You can look at Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Glen Robinson and Glen Robinson III, Archie Manning and Peyton and Eli, Howie Long and Chris Long, the list goes on and on. Young Sanders Jr. still has the verdict out on him. It would be great to see him be successful, but there is always that possibility he could end up like Marcus or Jeffery Jordan.