Despite Team Struggles Dwight Howard Says ‘This Is The Best Life We Could Ever Have’

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If there’s one silver lining in the now never ending saga that seems to be Dwight Howard, it has to be his ‘happy go lucky’ positive attitude which hasn’t faltered since in LA.

When asked about the Lakers steep push for the coveted 8th seed to clinch a playoff spot Howard gave a typical Howard reply, via ESPN:

“This is the best life we could ever have,”

“So there’s no need for us to be mad. We’re not happy we’re in the position we’re in, but we still have a great life. Regardless of what happens tomorrow or the next day, we’re all blessed and we got to live one day at a time and have fun.”

Call Howard whatever name you want, but this is a rare time in which he seems to sum up matters correctly. At the end of the day these are athletes making millions to play a kid’s game they love, playoffs or no playoffs that’s not a bad deal.

Whether the PC answer was all for the cameras or not, the statement is true and keeps things in perspective.