Dick Vitale To Call His First Final Four

Dick Vitale To Call His First Final Four

If you don’t know the man you probably know the voice…

Dick Vitale is one of college basketball’s staples, but surprisingly the upbeat commentator with the easily recognizable raspy voice has never called a Final Four. Well, this year he’ll get his chance as a game analyst for ESPN’s International TV broadcast.

Vitale told USA Today Sports:

“I’m on cloud nine. It’s the last chapter of my life, or my career. They just called me today (about the assignment) and it blew me away.”

“I’d love to be smooth like (ESPN anchor) Bob Ley, but that’s not me,” Vitale says

The international coverage will be broadcast in 156 countries, where Vitale will provide analysis for one of the semifinal games and the championship game.

Whether you find Vitale’s voice annoying or not, if you love college hoops it would be hard to picture watching big games on ESPN without it. Congratulations to him. This is well deserved and in my opinion long over due.

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  • They ought to have Vitale, Bob Knight and Jay Bilas do the semis and final. They are the best out there by far! If they could have four. Bill Raftery or Sean McDonough would be fine as well.

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