Donovan McNabb Congratulates Danica Patrick on Winning Daytona 500; Race Hasn’t Been Run


donovan mcnabb 1

Donovan McNabb was a very good quarterback, media savvy and an astute businessman from what I hear. With that being said he has been known to make a curious comment or two.

He didn’t know NFL games could end in a tie and then there was this.

Danica finished 1st in qualifying and has the pole position for Daytona 500, but the race hasn’t even been ran yet. McNabb instead of taking his L, try to blame his haters, but sounded silly in the process.

If you screw up on Twitter, just admit it and keep it moving. No one has time to hate on Donovan McNabb, we have more pressing matters at hand, like figuring out how long Katherine Webb’s 15 minutes of fame will last.


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