Doug Collins Unimpressed With Andrew Bynum In First Practice As 76er


Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doug Collins waited almost six months for Andrew Bynum to practice, and reports are that the result left the coach depressed.

Bynum participated in his first practice since being traded to Philly in August, and is reporting that Collins was left unimpressed.

“He looked like a guy who hadn’t played in nine months,” Collins said. “I don’t think any bells and whistles should be sent off that he’s close to playing.”

In Andrew Bynum’s defense, he hasn’t played or done much basketball wise in close to a year.  Bynum who hopes to get a max contract this off-season, predicts he will play at some point this season.

Collins who sounded sick in discussing that first practice, stated that watching Bynum go through a little practice only left him disappointed considering just how much the team’s big plans have been ruined by his constant knee issues.

“It’s amazing seeing him standing out there; he distorted the whole practice,” Collins said. “You get visions of what might’ve been … He’s said that he’s going to play, but this season is slipping away. We’ve got 24 games after (this weekend). We’re eight (games) under .500, and we’ve got to play the Miami Heat four times.”