Drunk Girls Take “Body Shots” of Tequila Off Colin Kaepernick (Photos)

Colin Kaepernick Body Shots

When you are the backup quarterback of a team no one cares what you are doing. If Alex Smith had a sex tape out right now no one would buy it.

But, when you are the starting quarterback of a Super Bowl team all those photos, videos and wild stuff you were doing while making love to the bench will come to light.

The reason is simple, people want to leech their 15 minutes off you. So, they will sell their photos and videos to TMZ or in this case the National Enquirer for a quick buck and some time in the spotlight.  This isn’t the first time this has happened to Kap.  A scorned girlfriend leaked some all Vegas photos of Kap having a good time.

Kaepernick went on a Carnival Cruise to Mexico awhile ago and had a wonderful time it appears.

Kap is a young guy, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I did far worse things when I was 25. My only advice to Young Kap is be aware of the people around him now. Some may not have his best interest at heart. Off topic I would love to take some body shots off Kap’s new girlfriend J Marie.

You can check out more of her.

GRONK doesn’t see what the big deal is this is an average Wednesday for him.

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