Dwight Howard Complains About Being Hurt, But Will Play in All-Star Game


Dwight Howard Clown

Dwight Howard said his shoulder is hurting, teams are trying to injury him, his back is so bad he can barely walk, but instead of taking the All-Star Weekend off to heal up for a playoff run he has decided play in the All-Star Game.

You can’t be that hurt if you can play in the All-Game. If you are that beat up, then rest up and get some rehab in, but since Dwight is a pathologically liar who knows if his body is really hurt or just his feelings.


  1. oh im so relieved!!…the thought of an allstar game without the most athletic howard brother(sorry moe and curly) is just so heart wrenching..ok…im kidding…who really cares?…nobody likes you anymore dwight…no one

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