Dwight Howard Says He Has Asked Stan Van Gundy for Advice & They’re Close Friends

Dwight Howard Stan Van Gundy

You know the saying the grass isn’t always greener on the other side? A lot of times it is just ask Lebron, but at other times it isn’t.

Dwight Howard wanted to play in a big city under a big media spotlight. He got his wish when he was traded to the Lakers and he is crumbling under the stress.

Sort of like when a girl who lives in some small town in Wisconsin complains about her boring life, moves to New York and then runs back home in six months.

Dwight Howard did a number on Orlando like a cheating boyfriend and he also got Stan Van Gundy fired. Like a lot of cheating boyfriends he maybe starting to realize what he had wasn’t as bad as he thought.

While the Lakers have struggled through a 24-27 start to their season, Howard has sought counsel not only from his father, but surprisingly from Van Gundy as well.

“Me and Stan, we talk,” Howard said of his former coach from 2007-12, whom he reportedly wanted fired in Orlando. “We actually talked this week. He needed some help (with a charitable cause), he asked for my support, and I was there for him. Despite everything that happened, or whatever, we’re still good friends.

“We understand that one part is business and the other part is a lot of things that happened in the media that we can’t control things that people may say that we probably don’t feel that way about each other but everybody else thinks that that’s how we feel,” Howard said. “But, we respect each other. We’ve had great years together and we did some great things together. So, our level of respect will always be there.”

Dwight has this annoying habit of adding extra stuff to his comments instead of just being direct to try to garner some sort of sympathy.  Instead of saying he did Stan Van Gundy wrong, he had to say he helped out a charitable cause to make it seem like he is some sort of martyr.

More than anything that is why he rubs a lot of people the wrong way.  It is looking more and more like he will be one and done with Lakers.