Dwight Howard Says He Isn’t in Superman Shape, Will Cut Back on The Candy


Dwight Howard wants you to know that he isn’t in shape. How do I know this you may ask? That is pretty easy, Dwight tells us every other day he isn’t in shape.

He has been telling us that for 10 months now, makes you wonder will he ever be in shape?

Dwight Howard ran sprints after practice Wednesday to improve his conditioning and said he had also cut back on candy and undergone acupuncture treatments.

“I’m in good shape for a basketball player,” the Lakers center said, “but I’m not in Superman shape. I want to get in Superman shape.”

Probably, should have cut back on the sweets, before the season was 3/4 over, but I digress.    Dwight, also says that despite the Lakers poor performance and his subpar play, it has been a good year for him and it will make him stronger in the long run.

The question begs, will that long run be with the Lakers or some other team.