Dwight Howard Says Heat Players Intentionally Try to Hurt His Shoulder

Dwight Howard face

It is hard to say that Dwight Howard should just stop talking. He plays for the Lakers there is always someone ready to stick a microphone in his face and ask him questions.

My advice to Dwight is before he speaks, think about what he is saying and how it will be interpreted by the public. You would think after so many years in the league he would have figured this out by now, but alas he hasn’t. Here are his latest comments about his struggles and the Miami Heat.

On his first trip down the court, Dwight Howard felt Miami Heat players grabbing at his injured right arm.

“They got me early,” he told Yahoo! Sports in the quiet of the Lakers locker room after Sunday’s 107-97 loss. “They would yank it back.”

“It’s like a jolt,” he said. “Then it hurts the rest of the night.”

I am not saying Dwight is lying (even though he is prone to lie a lot), but no one is going to feel sorry for him. He whined, complained and moaned his way out of Orlando. He said he wanted a bigger spotlight and now he is whining, complaining and moaning in LA.  The Heat and other teams will try to punk him because they think he is soft and will fold under pressure.

Is there any place that will make Dwight happy?

Time will only tell.