Ed Reed rips media, says he’s unlikely to land in New England

ed reed


When news broke earlier this week that Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed could see himself playing for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, many took it and ran with it. Assuming that Reed already has one foot out the door ready to head to New England at the conclusion of the Super Bowl.

The Ravens safety made it clear that the comments were taken out of context. Pro Football Talk captured these quotes:

The bad part about this is that you all ask the question, but don’t write down everything that someone says,” Reed told reporters on Thursday.

People only get a part of what the comment was. I don’t have to say much about that. My heart is in Baltimore. The question is, ‘Would I play for Bill Belicheck?’ Yes. What football player wouldn’t play for Coach Belicheck? Will I be in New England? Most likely not. It’s just terrible that people get half of the story.”

I can understand Reed’s frustrations. Many reporters are simply looking for a story during the Super Bowl.

While I’m sure he didn’t believe his comments mattered much, they obviously took own a life of their own.