Erik Spoelstra Says LeBron James Is Making Greatness Look Easy


LeBron James is playing out of his mind right now and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop him.  The amazingly efficient James scored 32 against the Lakers yesterday, on 12-18 shooting.

It was fifth straight game with at least 30 points, and over 60% shooting.  Per Larry Brown Sports, James coach sees the work he’s putting in, and according to Spoelstra, Bron Bron is “making greatness look easy.”

“He was playing with so much energy on both ends of the court,” head coach Erik Spoelstra said. “Then in the last five minutes he had to take the challenge defensively against Kobe. So he was doing it at both ends of the court.

“I say this to Miami fans: don’t take it for granted,” Spoelstra said. “He’s making greatness look easy.”

LeBron as usual is dominating on both ends of the court and as I stated earlier, doing it in such an efficient manner.  You know you are dominating when Kobe Bryant himself speaks on it.

“I think he’s figured out his game and how to use his size,” Kobe told reporters after the game. “I think he’s a little more focused than when he was younger. When you’re a young player, particularly him, you expect things to happen. Your career seems like it’s endless.

“I think he’s at the stage of his career in which he’ll value each year and take the significance to his training and take the significance to focus each game.”