Ex-Cowboys Scout Says Team Passed On LeSean McCoy


The Dallas Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game since the late 90’s, and each year they wilt under the expectations of past success.

Part of the Cowboys struggles has been their inability to be consistent with player personnel and failures in the draft.  A former Cowboys scout recently has talked about those inconsistencies.

Bryan Broaddus discussed with the Dallas Morning News how the Cowboys blew a chance to draft star running back LeSean Shady McCoy in 2009, by simply passing on him.

If you go back to the 2009 draft, they sat there and they had LeSean McCoy with a first-round grade,” Broaddus said during a radio interview last week on KRLD-FM, according to The Dallas Morning News. “The problem was, they weren’t willing to take LeSean McCoy. That’s the issue. Don’t window-dress your board. They’re sitting there in the second round and they’ve got LeSean McCoy with a first-round grade on their board. That’s value. They did it (got it right) withSean Lee, they did it with Bruce Carter. They sat there, they took the guy that was on the board that they were supposed to take.

“Mistakes are made when you jump around on the board. Jerry (Jones has) done it a couple of different times. The Quincy Carter draft, we had Kendrell Bell there, first-round grade, ends up going the second round; goes right behind us to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ends up being AFC Defensive Rookie of the Year. And then we take Quincy Carter. That was a forced pick right there. You had a guy there you had a better grade on, you probably could have got Quincy Carter later in the draft. That’s where you get in trouble leapfrogging around.”

Broaddus did say that the opposite happened when the team decided to reach and select tight end Jason Witten, who’ll go down in team and NFL history.

The problem is Jerry Jones drafts depending on how he feels that day.  Some days he’ll make a business decision, some days he’ll decide to draft a player he’s simply enamored with over need, and some days he will make the proper draft choice.

Their playoff droughts won’t change until he hires a real player personnel guy.

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  • Cowboys won a playoff game in 08 vs eagles i believe

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