Floyd Mayweather CBS/Showtime Deal Worth Up to $250 Million

Floyd Mayweather Fire Money 9

Forbes breaks down how Mayweather could make up to $250 Million and beyond under his new deal with CBS/Showtime.

Mayweather is likely looking at a guarantee of around $200 million for the six-fight deal. Pay-per-view revenues will push that total past $250 million. How much past $250 million depends on the quality and marketability of his opponents, as well as Mayweather staying undefeated.

A couple of things should be noted.  No one knows how much guaranteed money Mayweather gets, if he doesn’t fight six times.  Is it something like he is guaranteed $30 million per fight or does he get $150 million regardless of how many times he fights with another bonus of $50 million if he does fight six times?  That is one of the main curiosities of the deal.  How much does Mayweather get if he decides to retire, gets KOed or bails out before he fights six times?

The second part is how much can Mayweather get over the guarantees.  For instance, if he beats Guerrero and sets up a fight with Alvarez in the fall, that would be a huge event, that might crack 2 million PPV buys.  How much extra is Mayweather going to get from that?  Could the deal balloon to $300-$500 million if he stays undefeated while beating high level opponents?

However you look at it, Mayweather has set himself up to be financially secure whenever he does hang up the boxing gloves and that is very rare in the world of boxing.