Floyd Mayweather’s Baby Mama Calls His Fiancee Ms. Jackson an Escort (Video)



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Josie Harris reality show “Starter Wives” was canceled after one episode, so she didn’t get a chance to air out Floyd Mayweather like I assume she wanted to.

Besides letting the world know she is still sleeping with the man she had arrested and jailed for assaulting her, she wants you to know that Mayweather’s current fiancee is an escort, that he will never marry.


The question begs if she is an escort, but is the one with the ring, what does that say about how Mayweather feels about Ms. Harris?  While you ponder that check out the video.


  1. Just shows that money works Miracles, Any woman that would Sleep with Floyd Gayweather needs to have her head examined. he is 1 FUGLY little cross-eyed monkey. I can’t wait for him to fight somebody that knocks him the F**K OUT.

    • HATERS KEEP HATING, WINNERS KEEP WINNING. Why do you have people who sit and wait for someone blessed to fail. Let that be the lord’s decision. obviously he doesnt want that.

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