Floyd Mayweather’s Showtime/CBS Deal Biggest Since Mike Tyson


While the exact numbers still haven’t come in, what we do know is the main reason that Mayweather is now a Showtime fighter and not an HBO fighter anymore, is guaranteed money.

Mayweather asked for huge guarantees, that HBO refused to pay and Showtime did. It is a very shrewd move by Mayweather, because it keeps money in his pocket, even if his skills and popularity declines. That was the risk that Showtime was willing to take.

Showtime vice president and general manager of sports programming Steven Espinoza, who has headed of the premium channel’s sports division since November 2011, told USA TODAY Sports “It’s the biggest deal (for Showtime) since (Mike) Tyson. I put it up there on the same level of importance. Floyd is far and away the most popular, well-known and talented fighter in the sport. It is absolutely critical for the . . . network that we secured him.”