Former MSU RB Le’Veon Bell Asked If He’s Gay During The Combine

Le'Veon Bell, Connor Cook, Paul Lang


This is now the second time this week in which a player at the combine has had his sexuality called into question.

This comes after the fallout of what happened with Nick Kasa and the NFL moving quick to threaten disciplinary actions on any team or employee asking sexuality based questions.

As reported by Profootballtalk Bell confirmed that those line of questions were posed:

“Yeah, yeah,there were questions just like that,”

“There were definitely a couple weird questions.  I got asked so many of them, I don’t remember them all.  But that was definitely a couple questions I got asked.”

It’s still yet to be determined if the NFL will probe deeper into the matter and get the specifics about the question Bell was asked.

Are teams crossing the line by asking players about their sexual orientation, and if so should the League act swiftly and harshly?