Former NBA 1st RD Pick Robert Swift Won’t Move Out of His Foreclosed Home

Robert Swift

I am sort of confused by this.

When you don’t own a house anymore, normally the sheriff can physically remove you from the premises. Maybe it is different for former 1st round NBA draft busts?

Deadspin tells the story of Robert Swift who refuses to leave a house that he no longer owns.

Robert Swift, taken 12th overall by Seattle in 2004.

KOMO News in Seattle reports Swift’s King County home was foreclosed on last summer, and sold to a woman in January. But the woman says she’s unable to move in, because Swift won’t move out.

The new owner says there are bullet holes in the garage, cars that haven’t moved in months parked outside and of course empty cans of Four Lokos sitting in the yard.

Robert Swift 2

Robert Swift will be starring in the 30 for 30 BROKE 2 in 2017.