George Clooney Tells Ed Reed ‘You Hurt Me Bad’ At The Oscars

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Ed Reed was the red carpet correspondent for the NFL Network’s Oscar coverage and had a rather memorable exchange with Cincinatti native George Clooney.

As USA Today reports Reed moved to interview the Oscar winner when Clooney greeted him with the following

“You hurt me bad; I’m a Bengals fan.”

Of course the exchange was all in good spirit as Clooney, like many others in Southern Ohio is a long suffering Bengals fan. While Ravens fans have two rings to polish, Bengals fans are still being left in the dust.

The interview will air on the NFL Network on Wednesday. Originally Rob Gronkowski was slated to do the coverage, but pulled out last week.

It’s a weird visual to see Ed Reed in a tux giving interviews instead of vice versa–maybe a velvet blue suit ala Django style would’ve been more appropriate?…that hair though…