Handless Woman Becomes Star Bowler on HS Team (VIDEO)

whitney foster bowls with no hands

I love to see people face and conquer adversity, and that is exactly what Whitney Foster is doing.

According to Yahoo Sports , Foster was diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder arthrogryposis, which left her muscles and tendons frail and undeveloped.  However that didn’t stop her from making the varsity team, nor did it hinder her abilities to bowl a 203 without any hands. (This is extremely good my best was 120)

Anybody would look at her and say that she can’t bowl,” Manual coach Bob Hillerich told the Courier-Journal. “They’d say you need working hands and arms. But what she’s overcome, it’s just been amazing.”

“It was really cool that they didn’t judge me and that they made me feel like a part of the team,” Foster said of her teammates, who have welcomed her since she signed up for the team as a sophomore. “They made me want to be there.”

Sounds impossible, but it’s true. Foster is currently a senior on the Louisville, Kentucky Manual High bowling team. This is pretty remarkable. Kudos to Foster and her teammates.