Hibbert on Dismissing Steph Curry: “I Saw Some Light-Skinned Guy, I Didn’t Even Feel Him”



I would say this is in the early running for quote of the year. Watch the video first of Roy Hibbert brushing aside Steph Curry twice and then read the quote.

“Seriously, I didn’t even feel him,” Hibbert said of Curry, according to The Associated Press. “I saw some light-skinned guy. I don’t know if it was Klay Thompson or Steph Curry, I just knew there was a light-skinned guy by me.”

All light-skinned guys look alike to Hibbert, but the good news Steph Curry didn’t twist his ankle, while being dismissed like a small child.


  1. Get the fukk outta here re-glorifying that lame dark vs light shit ni77a! 2013! Hibbert is a soft azz 7fter…he hasn’t gone hard in the paint his whole career. BGriffin, JNoah, CBoozer, I can go on & on naming light ni77az that got wayyy more heart than his better late than never ass sucker…you probably lost ya girl or sat the bench behind a light-skinned homie in highschool…dueces

  2. robert you must be a big guy[seem 2 empathize w/ hibbert.What i saw was steph curry saying ‘dont ever call me a finesse player’.Also exactly what his team needs.

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