Hotel Staff Thought Warren Sapp’s SB Ring Was Stolen By Prostitutes He Had in New Orleans


Warren Sapp

These Warren Sapp stories are hilarious. We can confirm that police were called to his room and here is how Terez Owens describes the scene.

Sapp (congrats on the Hall of Fame by the way) was having a good time in New Orleans while staying at The Westin. According to the staff he was bringing home 3-5 women a night to his room (getting his Crabtree on).

One night he returns with the hookers errr ladies and discovers his Super Bowl ring is missing. You know the one he told the bankruptcy judge he had lost so they didn’t take it from him.

Sapp was positive none of the hookers took the ring so he blame the Hotel staff and called the cops. The staff tell the cops they think it was the hookers.  This goes on for a few hours while the try to figure out what happened to the ring.

In the end the ring was found in some luggage, so no harm, no foul and no arrests. I just hope Sapp wrapped up because I saw some of the strippers and hookers in New Orleans and it wasn’t a pretty sight. Don’t want Sapp to come home with some Gumbo he can’t get rid of.

Warren Sapp Hookers Super Bowl


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