Houston Rockets Show Off Kung Fu Handshake (video)

LinBow_original (1)

The Houston Rockets are one of the youngest teams in the NBA and are among the league leaders in points. With their trio of stars Jeremy Lin, Chandler Parsons, and James Harden, These Rockets sit at 7th place in the west. They are an entertaining group to watch. They go up and down the court, they can drive the ball inside and get to the foul line, and it seems like everyone on this team can shoot threes.

Looking like something straight from ‘3 Ninjas’ Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin meet before every game and perform this handshake at the scorers table. Lebron and DWade have their boxing ritual, KG bangs his head, just add this to the list of crazy things NBA players do pregame to get ready. I’m sure if this keeps equaling wins, Coach McHale and the Rockets Faithful will have no problem with its rising popularity.