Husky Woman Suing LA Fitness for Making Her Do Sex Exercises

jamie johnson sues la fitness

I am one of the few people who prefer to exercise at home verses at a gym. For one I don’t have to worry about anyone lurking behind me while I try to perfect my dairy-air doing squats, nor do I have to spend a monthly fee when I can workout at home for free.

However not everyone is cheap like me or cares that they have eyes fixated on them at the gym, but there is one women from Dallas who could have benefited from my approach.

According to CBS Dallas Forth Worth, Jamie Johnson, a Dallas woman is currently suing L.A. Fitness after she claims two trainers forced her to do sexually suggestive exercises and behaved in an inappropriate manner.

la fitness sued

“He would answer bluntly, ‘So, I can see your chest move while you do it,” Johnson said the trainer responded when she questioned him about the exercises. “And, not in an exercising kind of way. More in a sexual way.”

After the first trainer didn’t work out, Johnson second trainer sent her vulgar text messages, which her 5-year old son happened to open up. Since June she has not been back to the gym, but has contacted the corporate office who offered restitution in the amount of $400.

Johnson and her lawyers are now filing a suit for Deceptive Trade Practices and Negligence, claiming Johnson and her family suffered traumatic emotional distress and couldn’t function or get through her daily activities, and due to the emotional strain placed on her it also impacted her husband who is also seeking compensation.

jamie johnson and husband sue la fitness

Typically speaking most people don’t just come out with advances there is some sort of mutual exchange were both parties feel free to cross the line between professional and sexual, nor do I know of any exercise that cannot be perceived as sexual . However I’m not sure what to make of Mrs. Jamie Johnson or her allegations. Is it possible two trainers sexually harassed her and sent her vulgar text messages, well yes it’s possible. If that is the case a line was crossed and she should be compensated.

In conjunction with my cheap ways, this is why I avoid going to the gym. There is nothing like a no cost, sexual harassment-free workout in the privacy of your own home where you can do whatever you please however you please.


2 thoughts on “Husky Woman Suing LA Fitness for Making Her Do Sex Exercises

  • A better title would have left out ‘husky’. Let readers make their own decision about how big or small she is. I’m sure they would have no problem doing so.

    ‘Husky’ describes someone ashy with spittle around their mouth and crud in the corner of the eye. This woman has none of that shown in the picture.

  • Those trainers must of been real thirsty to harass her. Most of the trainers at my gym have the real sexy slim female clients.

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